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    Re: Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Review (Contains Spoilers)

    Quote Originally Posted by 1stStarIC2nite View Post
    Yes, I'm not gonna lie, the spider part is very uncomfortable! I hate spiders and I was screaming like crazy. The really "big" spider is less of an animatronic I think. It's more like the Yeti in B-mode - strobing and coming towards you. Then you see a bunch more spiders - think the black widow spiders that come down from the ceiling in ITTBAB, but with hair. This part of the ride is pretty intense, and so are the dementors. I still recommend trying it - but this attraction is definitely spooky!

    I only went on it once so this is what I remembered from it. Hope it helps a little! If you get bothered by it - just close your eyes! This part of the ride probably lasts 30 seconds or so - it's a long scene but the BIG spider isn't there very long...
    Ugh... well that made my mind up for me as to whether or not I could handle this attraction. I'd have nightmares for weeks even with my eyes closed
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    Re: Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Review (Contains Spoilers)

    Me too. I'm the kind of guy who will walk all the way upstairs to the opposite corner of the house to put on socks because I notice a spider on the other side of the room. I won't even squish em because that would involve touching them and fly swatters aren't long enough to extend out of my comfort zone.

    I couldn't handle big ones coming at me.

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