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    Re: USF guest beaten, kneed in the head by Orlando Police

    Quote Originally Posted by Mensa2DayLabor View Post
    Hey Guys, I'm the man in the video. Josh, actually. The footage was provided by US when I was brought to trial. All the audio that was on the original was removed before it ever left USF.

    First off, yes, I do want an emotional response. Not sympathy for me in this case, however. What I want is to share with folks like yoou, how serious brain injuries are. Mostly for our bro's and sis's coming back from war, with what will be a new level of misunderstanding and turmoil.

    Brief history: 10 yrs. old, WISC-III administered, estimated* full scalle I.Q. 148. Dr. Olander, my Neurologist and testing administrator felt it was higher but, the tests do not account for minor learning disabilities (auditory in my case from the get go).
    13 yrs. old: TBI # 1 (Rock on Ice / Team Orlando home game) A borderline, fair / crosscheck reneders me in Sand Lk. Hospital for 13 hrs. 30 sec. - 1 min. unconscious. Glasgow 12 (coma scale)
    15 yrs. old: TBI #2 Passenger (Jeep Cherokee) rear ended at a dead stop by a diabetic man (no alcohol) in an F-250 @ Mills&50 traveling about 45mph.4 compressed disks in my spine and bleeding in my brain. Glasgow 8. 5 days in ORMC
    16 yrs. old. #3 I had a moderate stroke leaving the left side of my body useless. Fall down 1 flight of stairs @ Downtoen Library. Glasgow 9. 3 days ORMC
    17 yrs old...the (word removed) one. Friend flips SS Camaro on I-4, I'm ejected through the t-top. more bleeding in my brain. "A midline shift" occurs. Glasgow 5. 2 weeks in Fl. Hospital.

    For my trial new testing was done. I lost over 30 I.Q. points and will need 2 a week therapy sessions...for many years to come. All these injuries to my brain have kept me in the mind of a 17 year old. I live at home and work (word removed) jobs. They say I am lucky. Most days I feel alone as, no one understands me on a personal level.

    Thats How it goes, though. Keep fighting...another day will comee.

    I wear a med alert braclet...they didn't see it, I guess. I was calling 911 to try and get on duty cops there for help. I was about forty feet from my friends car (what I was pointing at).

    I come from a military family. I want people to see TBI and how serious it is. It's not just "i forgot" ploys. We really do forget. Confussion. People talking fast...crap. I'm just a kid. What about our Vetrans?

    I did resist...with questions and screams for help. Not balance is good but, not the same, can't catch anything anymore, my depth perception is down to about %10...I just look normal.

    Cops are cops. Most are great people...a few bad apples can make life bad, though. Off duty cops answer to their off duty bosses...not always good. Maybe only more expierenced ones should be allowed to do it because of the balance needed.

    Anyway, anything else, just ask. Havea good day guys!
    Your statement about off duty cops is puzzling since as far as I know it has absolutely nothing to do with the situation on the video as both the police offers shown in the video are obviously in uniform and on duty.

    I also see no need for you to list your medical history as, I have stated many times, the police would not have your medical file handy when they tried to arrest you nor would they be able to stop and read your bracelet during the arrest/cuffing proceedure. I also don't see anything in that list your typed that would make you any less of a physical threat to anyone you decided to fight with except perhaps your depth perception but then that is not something a person could tell you had issues with from a physical look over. You at least are honest enough to admit it was mentioned for "emotional response" but quickly claim "not for pity." Ok. I doubt anyone thinks TBIs are not serious...but what does it have to do with this case? Your medical history is unfortunate, but really has nothing to do with the fact that you were arrested for tresspassing.

    To that, you don't address the catalyst of the situation at all. Apparently you were informed you were tresspassing and you must leave their property. You didn't do that, again apparently. Going to "your friends car" is not leaving. If security tells me I am tresspassing, leave...I do. I get in my car and leave, straight line. If I got a ride there I get off the property and THEN call my friend to tell him where to pick me up...because waiting on property for them is tresspassing and makes me arrestable. So, why were you tresspassed in the first place. You are very quiet on that subject despite freely giving away your personal medical details.

    I also notice you mention your "trial" and give the reading of a test that was done on your current condition yet also don't say how the trial turned out. How come?

    I do agree 100% with you that the vast majority of police officers are good people and that a few bad apples taint what is actaully typically a very honorable profession. I have weeded out my share of bad apples myself. It is also those bad apples that make some people shout "abuse!" every time an arrest looks physically rough because everyone likes to think they could do it differently. As I said, I have been to the funerals of several officers in my years who did it "differently" or "gentler" and looked into the eyes of their widows and the children they left behind.
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    Re: USF guest beaten, kneed in the head by Orlando Police

    Well said Goofy Daddy!
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