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    Thumbs up RUMOR: What's to come to WWoHP phase 2

    I'm surprised no one has made a thread about this yet, but I found this article on twitter! It gives us a glimpse of whats to come to the expanded WWoHP! It sounds really AWESOME! And I seriously CAN NOT wait! I will definitely (finally) go down to Florida to see this! As usual take it with a grain of salt.

    Plans for Harry Potter at Universal Studios Florida revealed
    Poor unfortunate Souls.

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    Re: RUMOR: What's to come to WWoHP phase 2

    That ride system sounds AMAZING. And it goes hand in hand with the patent I posted on here a little bit ago.
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    Re: RUMOR: What's to come to WWoHP phase 2

    Yeah Eric.......that does look like it could be for Gringotts.

    From a business standpoint, you can bet that Disney will be VERY interested in watching this entire concept unfold......having the same themed land/entity tied to 2 parks with 2 separate admissions is gonna have Disney execs salivating!

    This Universal project could turn out to be the impetus to fast track a 3rd gate for Anaheim!

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    Re: RUMOR: What's to come to WWoHP phase 2

    Well this all sounds sweet!!!!!

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    Re: RUMOR: What's to come to WWoHP phase 2

    KingEric Do you still have the link to that patent? I remember reading it orginally.
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