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    Re: Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast #58 Discussion

    I have an idea for HHN for sometime in the future. Even though I have never been to a HHN at the moment, I like the idea of creating characters and having Universal Creative going wild with the event. I don't know if this has been done before, but how about a headlining character called The Candy Man. His house is when you enter an abandoned candy factory, and come face to face with rotten candy trying to make you into a candy! Evil, isn't it?

    Now to Springfield, I must go now! It looks absolutely amazing. This is gonna be a great success, and I can't wait to go back one of these days. If only I had the time to go this summer.... Oh well, always next year.

    I'll with taking about my e-mail, which I'm happy you guys read. I think that the biggest reason to iradicate Toon Lagoon is to make boat-loads of money on a property that will sell more. In this crazy business called theme parks, its always about making a buck, and if they will make more money not having Toon Lagoon for something else, good for them. As for me and other theme park fans who love Toon Lagoon, we will be upset without a doubt.

    And to what replaces TL will depend on if the rumor for a 3rd theme park at Universal is true. If this isn't a silly rumor, which came out from apparently a good source, it would make a whole lot of sense to have Lord of the Rings anchor that park. They can do a lot more for Rings with a lot more land than they can do with the Toon Lagoon area. Even if they only destroy Dudley, the theater, and the plaza, it stil wouldn't be big enough to live the Lord of the Rings story. As we are seeing with Potter, they do need an expansion to have a complete experience of the Harry Potter world. It's obivious that Potter 2.0 was always in the plans.

    So whatever comes to Toon Lagoon, it better be good, and it better have rides that will last longer than the IP. What makes a ride like Dudley so great is that ride is more popular than the cartoon itself. Not a lot of people remember Dudley, but they remember the ride as a great experience. That's what Universal needs. A ride that doesn't have the IP carrying an attraction all by itself. What makes Shrek 4D unpopluar now a days is that the IP is not as popular as it once was. The ride itself is not capable of changing that.

    Shrek stays for now, because after 10 years, it still finds a way to make money for Universal. Dudley on the other hand doesn't. Just like a bunch of rides at Disney that have been rethemed to their characters. It's all about money, and for some people, it stinks.

    Sorry for the long rant. Thank you for a great podcast.
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