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    Retro Universal Studios Florida Visitors

    Hey everyone,
    We have a segment on the podcast called "Walk the Walk", in which we have been going area by area around the Universal Orlando Resort, we only have a few areas left and once we have finished we are going back in to USF to do a retro Walk the Walk and discuss the attractions that are no longer there.
    Not having visited the park prior to 2004, we are on the look out for people who have a love for the old attractions to maybe come on the podcast and discuss them with us.
    Let us know if you fitthe bill.

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    Re: Retro Universal Studios Florida Visitors

    oooh this is a good question!
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    Re: Retro Universal Studios Florida Visitors

    Yes very good, maybe I will discuss this with you next year in the parks
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    Episode 9: Princes Leia is not Luke's sister, making him furious (we all know why...).

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    Re: Retro Universal Studios Florida Visitors

    Ooohh that could be fun. My 1st visit to Universal Orlando was in 1993 and I remember being memorized with the Alfred Hitchcock attraction and the replica of the Psycho House & Bates Motel, among some other stuff.

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    Re: Retro Universal Studios Florida Visitors

    Wow, my favorite attraction then was the Hanna Barberra attraction. I just loved going through an attraction that had all my childhood cartoon favorites. I lived everything from the Jetsons, to the Fintstones, to Scooby Doo. I was really heartbroken when that attraction left and made way for Jimmy Neutron.
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    Re: Retro Universal Studios Florida Visitors

    kongfrontation I miss so badly! it was our family favorite until...

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    Re: Retro Universal Studios Florida Visitors

    Not sure how much I fit the bill, but I can say that my mom and I were there about 2 months after USF first opened. We were probably some of the rare ones that got to ride the very very original - when he still blew up at the end - Jaws ride multiple times. The re-imagined one where he fried at the end was never as good as that first one. Too bad it had the technical issues that it did. I miss that a lot, plus the Alfred Hitchcock experience - specifically that beautifully recreated apartment/street scene they had from Rear Window. I could spend so much time staring and marveling at it. Kongfrontation is a lamented loss as well - though I have to say the Mummy (and Transformers) were great rides to add. Just hate the old had to go for that. I look forward to hearing stories from others :-)

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