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    Horror Night Thoughts

    I'm looking at this years line up and feel some what disappointed with the line up. We have Walking Dead (+ Three Scare Zones), Evil Dead, Cabin in the Woods, An American Werewolf in London, Havoc Derailed, Llorona, Afterlife: Deaths Vengeance and the yet to be confirmed Resident Evil. For my taste I find the genre is too slasher/gore. I like the concept for La Llorona and the American Werewolf In London. But the others don't excite me like some of the other concepts have that have been announced for the Hollywood and Singapore Parks.

    Your thoughts?
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    Re: Horror Night Thoughts

    Too many IPs, not enough original content. It really makes no difference to me what the IPs are, as I have no interest in any of them.

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