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    Re: Interactive Wands

    Quote Originally Posted by UUOPLee View Post
    We're hearing from a VERY good source that Interactive Wands will become part of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hogsmeade AND Diagon Alley in June.
    Didn't OrlandoUnited confirm this already? They even mentioned what some of the interactive windows will include.

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    Re: Interactive Wands

    It looks like this will happen, but the wands won't be sold when Diagon is opened, according to Seth Kubersky. It's a good thing I'm not planning on visiting this summer, because I want to experience everything when I go, including this!
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    Re: Interactive Wands

    We just went.

    Interactive wands are most definitely being sold. There are several character wands that are interactive, and they have several non-character specific wands that are also interactive.

    There are a fairly decent number of locations scattered around Diagon Alley, and some in Hogsmeade, that have a brass marker on the ground with a "spell". The marker indicates the wand motion that should be made. (there are usually paid wizards at these locations to assist)

    Each location is different... but they are usually build into the windows the the store fronts. Achieving the correct wand motion, activates the spell and the 'event' plays out in the window or object that you are 'controlling'.

    Read below for those techies that want to spoil the magic and know how they work:

    The interactive wands have on the tip, a small disk that appears black. The tip seems to be an IR filter over a reflective surface. This way it will reflect infrared light, and only infrared light. Night vision cameras with IR LED lights are positioned, sometimes well hidden, sometimes not-so-well hidden, that see the reflected light from the wand tip. (Humans can't see the infrared light, but if you look into the cameras, you can see a dull red glow from the lights) If the motion matches what the analytics computer program watching the video is looking for, the display activates.

    The displays do not currently appear to make use of any RF chips, and the wands are not battery powered.

    I tried to trick one of the displays using the light on my phone, and it didn't work. (I also didn't want to keep trying like a goof when people were waiting).

    I would think that a small reflective disk placed on the tip of a wand would work... the IR filter just makes it appear black to human eyes, so it blends in better with the appearance of the wand.

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    Re: Interactive Wands

    I just got back and it was fun to watch the kid try to use their wands, but it seemed like they all were having problems making the animation work. There were UNI cast members on hand to help them, but from what I could tell it took several attempts to get it to work. So it seems like UNI still needs to tweak it to make it so that it's not so hard for little kids to do.
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