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    Universal Studios Japan --- Water Street Party

    YouTube User iwaiwa83 has posted some fantastic videos up from Universal Studios Japan's newest Summer show Water Street Party. The show like many similar shows that take place at the Tokyo Disney Resort also in Japan, involves the performers using water to cool the Guest off during the hot Summer months. The show also includes a lot of cool characters like the Sesame Street gang, Peanuts and Hello Kitty.

    Videos can be found here YouTube - iwaiwa83's Channel
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    Re: Universal Studios Japan --- Water Street Party

    I have to say I am not impressed. This looks like a poor man's version of the more enjoyable Stitch Summer Dance Bash at HKDL this year. Besides... even TDR's lesser summer water show effort: TDS's Cool Service, has better music and a more enjoyably vibe than this show. Honestly, the Summer Water Parade of previous years at USJ is much more enjoyable... just like the fabulous Mickey's Waterworks Parade at HKDL happens to be.

    Still.. videos like this bring the point across... USJ is far superior in seasonal shows over it's US counterparts. Reason why USJ is the best Universal park out there.

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