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    Exclamation BTTF: The Ride

    I know this is a longshot, but...

    Can anyone speak on any authority related to the remaining longevity of BTTF: The Ride at Universal Studios Japan? I am a lifelong fan of the films, ride, and animated series (yes, looking forward to the West End musical production) and I finally have the means to take a visit to the Osaka and Tokyo regions to see the crazy-epic Disney and Universal parks of Japan.

    I am planning to go in the first weeks of October and hope I don't book everything just to have BTTF: The Ride close unexpectedly. I am guessing Jaws will stick around for a few more years, but with BTTF: The Ride taking guests on a journey to 2015, I can't imagine the ride will stay open after 2014 concludes.

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    Re: BTTF: The Ride

    100% speculation. Maybe they will close it, to make way for a Harry Potter expansion. Something like Orlando.
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