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    Universal Studios Singapore - First Videos !

    Universal Studios Singapore - First Videos !

    Universal Studios Singapore sneak preview week has began and first videos of the park were posted on Youtube. But first the last news about the park "real" opening: As i told you before this sneak preview allows the guests to "visit" the park, enjoy the decors, have dinner in the restaurants and of course come back home with some souvenirs items from the shops. No rides were open as some of them are not totally operationals.

    I've been told that the Jurassic Park Adventure, the Madagascar ride, the Lights, Camera, Action special effects show located in the New York area and the Ancient Egypt Treasure Hunters Jeep Ride must be complete before Universal will open the Park for "real", i.e with all rides open for the guests. I've also heard that the park could be open in soft opening mode from March 3, but as it will be about the 5th time that it has been announced we will see on that day if it's true or not...

    So far, the buzz from the guests about the park is very good and apparently they liked what they saw during these sneak preview days. Although the visitors won't probably notice it, Universal teams have still a lot of details to finish up and the next weeks will give them the needed time to put the final touch before the Grand Opening celebration.

    Sunday was also the Casino opening day and if what i've been told is right the Casino attracted 75,000 Visitors in it's first day, which is simply phenomenal. Disney, who was asked by Chinese officials if it could be possible to have a casino on the future Shanghaî Disneyland resort - and who apparently refused - is probably doing a big mistake as in Asia the word "Casino" not only means big money but also a lot of people coming in. My feeling is that the biggest danger for Hong Kong Disneyland is not only Universal Studios Singapore and its great rides but also the casino nearby. We'll see in one year if Hong Kong Disneyland has been hurt or not by Resorts World Sentosa.

    And now here is a selection of videos, all shoot and posted on Youtube by myfamilyng, except the last video. They're all short videos so the download shouldn't take too long.

    Jump to the full article to watch 11 short videos of this great new Universal park:

    Disney and more: Universal Studios Singapore - First Videos !

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    Re: Universal Studios Singapore - First Videos !

    After being opened for slightly over a month, Universal Studios Singapore is definitely a must visit for all. Of course, to manage your expectations, if you have visited the Universal Studios in the USA, then USS is considered small.

    But it is still a day's worth of good fun. Trust me, you should come in the morning. I only spent half a day last Wednesday at USS and there wasn't enough time to go round considering the waiting time as well as taking the rides.

    It is definitely a photographer's haven too!

    Read my blog and view the theme park without the visitors.

    Universal Studios Singapore @ Sentosa Resort World SUPERADRIANME

    Here's my report and photos from my visit last Wednesday!

    My Second Visit to Universal Studio Singapore in 2010 SUPERADRIANME


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