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    Re: Video of Jurassic Park Ride Universal Studios Singapore

    ^ This tr on themeparkreview has photos of BSG and a video of the station on the Cylon side. It looks awsome I wish USH had this ride too!

    Theme Park Review • View topic - Universal Studios Singapore Discussion Thread

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    Re: Video of Jurassic Park Ride Universal Studios Singapore

    Quote Originally Posted by BC_DisneyGeek View Post
    I'm not sure a rapids ride is thematically appropriate for a Jurassic Park ride. If this were a real boat ride past dinosaurs, you'd be more likely to be in a boat as in the original ride.
    This is true, though this is more of a stock ride system I'd expect to be present in the fictional park, and honestly how many ride systems are that convincing? Why are the Indiana Jones jeeps so wide!? etc etc

    Quote Originally Posted by k_peek_2000 View Post
    Dare I say, I think it's boring. It's way too long. There are barley any dinosaurs in it. The animatronics are weak. I'm glad we have our Boat versions. Even the guys in the video say "this is boring".
    I can't help but agree

    Quote Originally Posted by Sorcerer Dan View Post
    So, I managed to see this video, and I was definitely not satisfied. Oh, brother...

    This ride perhaps has the worst animatronics that I've seen in probably a few years. Some of the raptors looked fake, and I was extremely disappointed with T-Rex. I thought it would be so menacing, but this video proved otherwise.
    Agreed! Those AAs are for lack of a better word, crap. The pacing and placement is terrible...what were they thinking?? It couldn't have been budget as it is so long. Especially in such a cramped park a more high thrilling AA packed raft ride would make more sense.

    Quote Originally Posted by Trekkie313 View Post
    We have the better Dinosaurs, they have the better JAWS. Also I remember reading on a few of the Jurassic Park fansites that plans for the park in the movie had plans for a "raft" type ride in which visitors could traverse the park on.
    Yes in the novel there was mention for a rapids ride specifically.
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