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    The Fate of the Lost Continent?

    Since the bread-and-butter of the area has been fully Potter-ized i find the IOA's Lost Continent is on it's last leg.

    So what shall be it's fate?

    Will it stay the same? Be expansion space for either WW or Seuss? Or become an entire new island?

    Your thoughts and opinions are appreciated.
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    Re: The Fate of the Lost Continent?

    Well Mythos restaurant, the area's principle landmark and a large portion of its real estate, isn't going anywhere. It wins best theme park restaurant year upon year and Universal is fiercely proud of it. I suspect its closest neighbor, Poseidon, isn't going away either. That just leaves the Sinbad show. That I can see being bulldozed to make room for either a new Lost Continent themed ride or show or, perhaps, an expansion of the Wizarding World.
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    Re: The Fate of the Lost Continent?

    Lost Continent isn't going anywhere. If they had any plans for it, it would already be part of Wizarding World as we speak.

    I wish they'd return Poseidon back to its former glory though.

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