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    Re: Attack of the Killer Tram LINE!

    Anyone brave the lines this last week? I was thinking of going this Sunday.. though my inner voice keeps saying "wait until late September". Can anyone confirm if they are still doing the tram tour at night? That is something I'd like to do, and may even wait in line for.

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    Re: Attack of the Killer Tram LINE!

    At the moment, they close off the tram line at 6:15 on weeknights & Sundays, and 7:15 on Saturdays. The show listing program they give you when you enter at the turnstyle will state the day's closing time. Depending on the day's crowds, and the mood of the staff controlling the line, they sometimes keep it open a bit later, but no guarantees.

    Since my BF and I wanted to see it at night, we went on a Saturday and got in line a little after 7pm. The entire queue was full, but we actually breezed through it in about 30 minutes (and the wait was posted at 60). It was still light out when we began the tour, but by the time we reached the Little Europe area, it was dark.

    It was funny, because we are both Premium pass members, and can bypass the entire line if we wanted to, but we stood in it so we could get a tour in the dark.
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