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    Non-Disney nighttime show

    I was pondering, can anyone think of a truly EPIC, Wonderful non-Disney nighttime show?

    Anyone know of any parks outside the US? I want to see an example. I want the Universal Orlando Resort to have an epic nighttime show, but I want to see a non-disney one that really packs a punch.

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    Re: Non-Disney nighttime show

    Isn't there some "cinesphere" thing that they do? I don't know.

    Celebration City, a now-defunct amusement park in Missouri, was based on nighttime visits and apparently had a large scale spectacular.

    Many parks and tourist attractions have had "laser light shows."

    Playland Park in Rye, New York has fireworks twice a week in the summer. I hear them from my house. I saw them last summer and they were set to music, something new for this year. However: we had to watch from sitting in the grass, all the lamps were on and bright, the nearby rides were still blaring pop music, the fireworks soundtrack was probably at Volume 1, and the soundtrack used generic music, even a cover of "Go the Distance."

    Many parks offer normal fireworks on Independence Day.
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    Re: Non-Disney nighttime show

    I can't think of anyone who really has a Disney quality nighttime show. The closest I'm aware of is at Sentosa in Singapore. It is a water show similar to World of Color. I have seen it online though and while it is nice, its nowhere near the quality of World of Color.

    Universal used to have an epic one when it first opened. I remember loving the stunt show they put on in the lake to close the park out. Once they killed that off though they've had nothing of spectacular product. Their Cinesphere show doesn't run year round and its nowhere near as impressive as Disney's.

    I'd love to see them do a nighttime show in IOA's lake playing off of mythical battles. Maybe if they ever get rid of Poseidon's Fury they could move that show out to the lake. Or even build off of the success of Harry Potter and create some type of night time spectacular that has a battle between Voldemort and Harry's army somehow.

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