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    Re: So what's the consensus on UHN?

    Quote Originally Posted by SpaceMountain1974 View Post
    Yes, The Thing was really scary.. I have a feeling La Larona would have been really scary had we hit it earlier when the crowds were smaller.. its just hard to get scared when you are walking through in a cattle heard.. One more observation. Last year I noticed they were big on "Scent" effects. I remember Saw smelled really nasty as well as others.. this year, not so much.. but this year they seemed to really overuse the "squirt effects". I got shot in the face and the eye like 10 times that night. Even walking down the path on the way to the Psycho house, there was a female character who said "I have to tinkle", then proceeded to lift her leg and squirt us!
    Yeah the squirt effect was a little annoying. The one thing in l Llorna that was awesome was the makeup and statue effect in one of the rooms. Also on the night we were there the stilt person was pretty sweet He/She was able to drop down on a dime and scare people.

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    Re: So what's the consensus on UHN?

    There were 2 cool statue effects... the one I noticed right away because it was recycled from Nightmare On Elm Street from 2010. I took a pic of it LAST year:

    They also recycled the effect of the hands that push through the walls.

    And I almost forgot about the stilt walkers! Seemed like every maze had 2 of them

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    Re: So what's the consensus on UHN?

    They've actually recycled a number of things. Alice is half Nightmare, if you ask me. But I can see why they'd do it.
    Does anyone even bother with signatures anymore?

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