Transformers The Ride world premiere featuring director Michael Bay - YouTube

I.Z. RELOADED : DAILY ONLINE REFRESHMENTS: Transformers The Ride World Premiere and Launch Party

Experience the transformational hoopla and glitz of the Transformers: The Ride worldwide preview by clicking on the video link above. Director Michael Bay gives an indepth interview, and confesses that the Universal Studios theme park attraction is a deam come true as he never as a kid expected to be involved in the production of a ride.

Also, enjoy a video view of the queue, the loading bay in operation, and a brief glimps of the actual ride.

Sneak Snapshot Preview of T:TR
Relax - Sneak preview of Transformers The Ride

LA Times Scene By Scene Sequence
LA Times - Scene-by-scene preview: Transformers ride at Universal Studios

Michael Bay At T:TR World Premier