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    U H wood's Hse of Horror monsters are the best I've seen

    I think I've praised them before, but I'd rather err on the side of over-praise.

    The best monsters I've ever encountered
    were in Universal Hollywood's
    House of Horrors during their regular hours.
    It was a bit irresponsible of me to let my brave 7-year-old talk me into escorting her into the H of H,
    but almost all of the monsters appreciated that she was a young grade schooler and did their best to entertain her by making her laugh. When we exited she was grinning jumping up and down and demanding, "Again! Again!" and it was as much fun the second time. (
    Special praise to Nosferatu & Chucky--and thank you, Universal, for including Nosferatu so we geeks could meet him. I felt like a 3-year old meeting Mickey for the first time.)

    Universal's proximity to the Hollywood acting pool probably explains the depth of enthusiastic, smart and talented characters they employ. I predict OUR Harry Potter characters will be superior to Orlando's (reportedly impressive) Harry Potter characters when our WWoHP finally opens in (hopefully) 2016. A bold prediction.


    More monster notes: I won't take my kid to Knott's Scary Farm till she's 13. (In 2013 I saw girls who were about 9, one at the "boo-fet" and one near Ghost Town, being terrorized by monsters. They were crying while and after they were scared by costumed monsters. The Boo-fet monster was doing his job well, the girl just had this surprising fear of monsters, but the other girl appeared to have been harassed by sadistic bullies.)

    Anyway, I love most of the monsters at the Scary Farm every year and at the Queen Mary's Halloween event I attended with Micechat in 2012. I not impressed by many of the (clearly) temporary monsters at Universal Hollywood's Halloween event.
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