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    HHN for two Nights and One day at IOA or One HHN and 2 days at Universal

    Planning a trip to Orlando and going to Discovery Cove, which comes with a 14 day pass to Sea World and Aquatica. I want to do HHN and Universal as well, so wondering if it makes more sence to do 2 nights at HHN and 1 day at IOA or 2 days at Universal plus IOA (base ticket) and one night at HHN. Both options will be the same price. Going to Orlando for 4 nights, 5 days from Sept 28th (landing at 10 am) to Oct 2nd (departing at 6:30.)

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    Re: HHN for two Nights and One day at IOA or One HHN and 2 days at Universal

    You only need one night at HHN that early in the event, especially if you get Express. On the other hand, you can do some (but not all) of USF's normal attractions during HHN, although I don't usually recommend this as the best use of time. It really depends how much you enjoy HHN.

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