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    Who hosts the better Halloween Horror Nights? Orlando or Hollywood?

    It is Haunt season yet again and Universal is coming out strong with their cherished yearly event, Halloween Horror Nights (HHN)! This year brings Evil Dead to HHN finally along with other franchises such as Insidious, Walking Dead and Cabin in the Woods, among others. Now, the event occurs in both Universal theme parks here in the USA, one at Hollywood, CA and another at Orlando, FL. These two events are under separate direction, with John Murdy overseeing Hollywood's event, and Michael Aiello directing Orlando's event. What I would like to know is, which Haunt is better? Being under different direction and with extremely different resources, which comes out on top for you and why? Now, most people, like myself, do not have the luxury of attending both events. In such case, what makes your event special and more entertaining and in what areas does yours lack? I now for a fact that Hollywood has been sparse on space and has two levels of theme park to accommodate, but they do have the coveted Terror Tram and original makeup design which remains unmatched. On the other hand however, Orlando possesses more venue space to accommodate prop and set design while also hosting the Rocky Horror Picture Show this year. Maybe the fear factor is most important to you, or perhaps simply the realistic sets and actors take center stage. Either way, both parks offer amazing events which thrill people of all types and continues to do so year after year. So, I will leave the discussion up to you, which Haunt do you think is better and why?

    In order to help guide your answers or jog your memories, below are some videos and reports on this year's Haunts. Please beware of some vulgar images and SPOILERS! Either way, please feel free contribute to the conversation!
    Hollywood summary video: Halloween Horror Nights 2013 at Universal Studios Hollywood - YouTube
    Orlando in-depth review with videos:Halloween Horror Nights 2013 house-by-house review and tips as Universal Orlando unveils impressive scale in gory detail | Inside the Magic
    Official HHN websites:Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios

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    Re: Who hosts the better Halloween Horror Nights? Orlando or Hollywood?

    Orlando without a doubt is a better, more thought out event. Their mazes alone put our HHN to shame. Hollywood has pretty much been static the past 6-7 years where Orlando manages to introduce a totally different themed event each year. The movie based business plan is just tired and starting to get boring. Terror Tram is almost an afterthought this year. It just needs to be shakin' up again majorly. I went opening night, managed to get everything done in 2 hours (with a FOL pass), and really see no reason to go back, maybe until late oct.

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    Re: Who hosts the better Halloween Horror Nights? Orlando or Hollywood?

    I didn't vote because I've never been to Universal Orlando's Halloween celebration. But since it is often described as the best theme park Halloween event in our solar system (even surpassing my beloved Knott's Scary Farm, I hear), I'd love to cross the country to experience this.

    I've been to Universal Hollywood's and, except for some special effects in the mazes and the make up, I was a little disappointed. Too many uninspired CMs with chainsaws the year I went. (2011.)

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