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    Thumbs up Will the demise of film and TV production in L.A. lead to more Universal-style parks?

    Most Hollywood studios already have backlot tours for tourists. Some, like Paramount, have announced plans to build studio parks in Asia. Considering how successful the recent wave of movie franchise-based theme park attractions has been, why not use all that under-utilized space to build theme park attractions based off of the studio's major properties?

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    Re: Will the demise of film and TV production in L.A. lead to more Universal-style pa

    Maybe because the space is being utilized? Because you may have heard of increased "runaway production" doesn't mean the studio lots still aren't active. Also, the studio might not necessarily be in a good location to handle theme park crowds which the new attractions would have to generate to stay in business.
    It's one thing for a studio to offer a tour, but once you start adding rides, it changes the game significantly.
    Also, where had you heard of a Paramount park opening in Asia? I only heard about the proposed one for Spain.
    (Oh, wait, I just googled it. There was supposed to be a Paramount park in South Korea, slated to open in 2011. As of now, construction hasn't even started).

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    Re: Will the demise of film and TV production in L.A. lead to more Universal-style pa


    But in addition to Universal Hollywood,
    I recommend that movie-loving grown ups take the
    Paramount, Warner Bros, and Sony tours.

    Just let Universal Hollywood grow. As an increasingly important tourist destination for S. California, I'd like Universal Hollywood & the gov. to use eminent domain to get more land currently used by houses on the hill and the golf course below to enlarge the resort. Maybe a second park and some resort hotels could be built on the stupid golf course below. (Anything I'm not good at is "stupid," btw. )

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    Re: Will the demise of film and TV production in L.A. lead to more Universal-style pa

    There's *definitely* an expansion of the area that USH regularly utilizes underway. With the now pretty much confirmed after hours tours including showpieces set presumably in the "city" sets areas they used (and are apparently using again...?) for HHN set, and the weird rumors I keep seeing about an expansion of the lower lot area for an HP Phase 2... it could get interesting. I also keep seeing Universal floating plans to annex the golf course next door into Universal City in exchange for some other consideration from the company.

    I'm not sure it's runaway production so much as improved production techniques. There's not as much need for huge sets.
    Woo! Spring is coming!

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