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    Cheapest way to get Universal tickets

    I was just wondering if anyone knows the cheapest way to get Universal Studios(Hollywood) tickets these days. I know Universal and Knotts do their little coke/burger king, online, yadda yadda promotions so you normally end up paying half the listed price but other than the buy a day get a year free I'm not familiar with what if anything Universal does. Anyone have a good suggestion for getting 2 tickets to it?

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    Re: Cheapest way to get Universal tickets

    AAA or Costo. Or if you know someone with a USH AP, they get deals on tix.

    I'm not sure what the latest specials are though. We always get emails advertising the latest promo's, but since we aren't local, I usually just delete them, since we have AP's for ourselves and don't have local friends to take along.

    You might try their website. They usually show the special offers for tix there.


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    Re: Cheapest way to get Universal tickets

    Uh, shouldn't this be in the Southern California travel planning forums, anyone?

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