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Thread: Vinylmation

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    Re: Vinylmation

    They are just what you see: art figures of Mickey painted to represent something else. They really attract the younger crowd and have grown popularity since Disney introduced their first line of figures. The blank white figures allow collectors or other artists to create their own figurines. Like many other people questioning what these are, I would recommend visiting as they have a huge community dedicated to discussing these figures.

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    Lightbulb Re: Vinylmation

    Quote Originally Posted by Lalalex View Post
    What's the deal with the Vinylmation figures? I've seen lots of people mention them on MC but I never heard of them before I joined this site. I looked them up online and saw what they look like but I haven't seen them in person. What's the appeal of them? Are they just new collectors items or is there something extra cool about them? And what's with the blank white ones?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

    **Edit - this is probably the wrong forum for this but it's the only know I really read!
    Well, they are a collector's item of sorts, the basic design is that of Mickey Mouse, but the Images(and the Colored Plasic ones) are what make Vinymation so uniqe.(there are currantly three series, with more to follow:Park Series #2, Urban Series #1, Colored Clear Plasic Series #1.)

    As to the white ones, those are for you to make your own one(I saw one at D23 Expo art Exhibit, it was done by a disney fan using the big white Vinylmations and it was beautiful.)

    I got my first one @ the Expo(but it wasn't any special one, it was Rain Coat Mickey from Park Series #2, which was fine for me.)

    Hope this answers some of your questions.


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    Re: Vinylmation

    There are 2 types of Vinylmation dolls: the 3" and 9" - i believe that their designs are never the same.

    I say its a collectors item or like treat them like the Disney Pins

    I do buy them and i atleast get 1-4 per series i think they are really cute.

    Now for the the blank white ones you can create your own if you are that creative type (which i am not lol). - The Ultimate Vinylmation Resource!
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    Re: Vinylmation

    I went yesterday and I wanted an Aquaramouse so I got a park series 2 blindbox, and it was an aquaramouse! Then I went to World of Disney before I left and got a candy corn and a blindbox urban series 2, and wanted confetti or mickey ice cream, and I got mickey ice cream (also known as mickey chocolate bar)! So now I have 3 Vinylmations! I think they're really cute, and you can mix and match them! I just know you can take off the head and arms, I'm not sure about the legs, I don't want to break mine. At first, I took off the head by accident and I freaked out and thought I broke it when I had opened it less than five minutes before But then I realized it was supposed to do that

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    Re: Vinylmation

    I got Mikey Mouse in a blind box... I'm not sure that I like it yet. I guess i'll keep it for now, i might want to trade it for a holiday one or something... Or the Candy Corn one!!

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