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    vinylmation cases - ridiculous prices!?

    Why on earth are they so expensive?

    For pete sake they are hollow, plastic square containers with a black base. I don't get it.

    I looked online for the large one which holds 12, and it's going for 100$.

    I would understand if these were made out of glass, but I saw these in the parks in the emporium. I picked up a few, even the larger one, and boy do they feel cheap. They are definately plastic.

    So why are they so darn expensive? Is it the demand? Does anyone know how well these are selling?

    I'm personally going to have to wait until the price goes down. There is no way I'm shelling out $100 for 12 small plastic containers.

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    Re: vinylmation cases - ridiculous prices!?

    probably because they are made for the figures. I personally would not buy them, but I"m not a serious collector. I just pick up a couple when I go tot he parks...which is not that often of late.

    Mine are not protected from dust, but last i checked that wipes off. Mine are housed in little cube though. I original; bought it to house dvd's, but the holes are to small, so I put the figures in it..

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    Re: vinylmation cases - ridiculous prices!?

    The container store sells a mult-level case that will "pack-in" 18 little guys. It sells for $10 plus tax!!!! It's called DB-17 multi level doll box.

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