From the Disney Vinylmation site:

We have an important announcement involving purchase limits of Vinylmation™ figures:

Guests may purchase up to two (2) limited edition Vinylmation™ of a particular style (i.e. SKU), per Guest, per day. In other words, if a Vinylmation figure or set is released and it contains a Limited Edition stamp (“Limited Edition of”), a Guest may purchase up to two (2) of those items per day. The next day, a Guest can purchase another two of those same limited edition Vinylmation™. This policy covers any 3” figures, 9” figures or sets stamped with the specific words “limited edition.”

This policy does NOT include any Vinylmation stamped with “Limited Release” (as entire trays of Limited Release Vinylmation figures can be purchased).

Disney reserves the right to modify this policy. In the rare instance a modification is made, this information will be communicated via