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    "Big Eyes" Series

    Ok these look uggggggly to me but you can draw your own conclusions

    Here is some info from the vinylmation blog:

    "Big Eyes" will feature a variety of Disney Characters in a window box. Originally, this series was planned as a Limited Release Set.[but] we made it an "Open Edition" series. [There is no chaser]

    As for the Vinylmation that randomly waltzed into the shot (look top above right) ... no clue. Though we heard he is a Doctor.

    [Looks like Finkelstein sp from Nightmare before Christmas. Maybe they're doing a NBC set?]
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    Re: "Big Eyes" Series

    Quote Originally Posted by NeverNeverland View Post

    [Looks like Finkelstein sp from Nightmare before Christmas. Maybe they're doing a NBC set?]
    I agree, they are ugly. Glad there's a series we don't need to buy any of.

    And there is a Nightmare Before Christmas set planned, there are images of Lock, Shock, and Barrel out there. Again, another set I think we can pass on.
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    Re: "Big Eyes" Series

    I'll be skipping this series as well. If this is the first series sold in open boxes, it'll be interesting to see how it sells.

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