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    Evilos - Vinylmation Customizer (Photos)

    Hello my name is Christopher, im an urban artist. I have been painting Vinylmation figures for sometime, it has turn into a full time hobby with my other artwork. You might have seen me at Pin Trading Nights or on the internet. I just wanted to say hello and show off some of my work.

    Thank you:

    Alice In Wonderland: Cheshire Cat (2010 Movie)

    3" Candy Customs Set of 13

    9" Purple People Eater

    3" Tron Mickey:

    Some of my creations in Vector Form:

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    Re: Evilos - Vinylmation Customizer (Photos)

    Your work is outstanding, especially the Cat and People Eater!

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    Re: Evilos - Vinylmation Customizer (Photos)

    Thank you, here is my latest custom. Vintage Eeyore.

    In collaboration with Alex Major (Pixel) and Christopher Avalos (Evilos)

    We bring you 9" Vintage Eeyore.

    * with real hair and removable tack tail.

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