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    Vinylmation Yeti

    Could someone please show me a picture of what the Vinylmation Yeti looks like? I have a friend who wants it and I'd like to know what it looks like so if I see it, I can trade for it.
    Thanks in Advanced!,

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    Re: Vinylmation Yeti

    I did a quick google search, and this is what came up:

    Hope this helped.
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    Re: Vinylmation Yeti

    Good Luck, hope you can find one. It's a Park 1 and have seen it before going for $90+
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    Re: Vinylmation Yeti

    I saw one at a Disney Store if that helps.

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    Re: Vinylmation Yeti

    The one pictured above is from Park Series 1. The most recent Park Series (I think they are up to 5, now) also has a Yeti, but it's a little different than Series 1. The new one has red in it's mouth, too.

    If you look on ebay, many of the Park Series 1 are sometimes selling for $50 or more, but they are not as easy to find. Also, if you look on ebay, you will see that Disney has created plush out of some of the vinylmations, one of those is the Yeti from Park Series one. So if you decide to bid on on, be careful on whether you are bidding on the vinylmation or the plush. Personally, I think $50 is WAY too much to spend on one of the small vinylmation.

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