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    Vinylmation Park Series One Box

    I bought some vinylmations on ebay and every seller insists the right box is with the right figurine. I checked the code under the price tag on the bottom and have two figures with the same code which is impossible. Everywhere I ask this question people act like knowing the codes is some sort of cheat or something. The fact is the figurines are all sold and will not be back in stores. So why is it such a big deal for me to not know if I have the proper box or not. Can someone email me here to help me as opposed to banish me as I have been at other sites. My problem is I have A Yeti with the code P1I and also a figment with the same code. Please help!!!

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    Re: Vinylmation Park Series One Box

    If it helps the one on my box that my balloon chaser from ebay came in is P1L

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