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    Re: Will there ever be another Disney Park in the US?

    I would have loved to have seen Disney's America built, mainly because it would have been built close to my home and I probably would have visited it every summer unlike WDW where I go every three or four years. I liked how it was a unique concept and it would have created a resort that was different from the other two located in the states. People would still visit WDW in addition to Disney's America because they would have offered totally different things. Unfortunately it is probably dead and a unique resort without a Castle Park will not be coming to the US.

    I could see them building some more DVC resorts with their own mini water parks like Aulani. Perhaps a ski resort ala Mineral King.

    Disney has designed such great water parks and from what I can tell they are loads cheaper than building a full theme park. It would be awesome if they expanded the water park concept and built like two more of them around the country. Perhaps on on Long Island near NYC or in the Poconos/Lake George region and maybe another one in Hawaii or Virginia. If they do this it cannot build its own tourist following like at WDW but rather it needs to be built where there is already a large tourist base such as NYC or Washington.

    When they were considering building the Disney MGM Studios Backlot in Burbank, there were plans to build similair entertainment centers in cities all around the country themed to the historical background of the cities. It would have basically been a themed Downtown Disney with a hotel and a couple of attractions.

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    Re: Will there ever be another Disney Park in the US?

    Quote Originally Posted by mratigan View Post
    Ya the need to redue TL before a 3rd gate
    Sometimes I worry for the future...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starshyne View Post
    There were rumors for a while that Disney was going to open a park in Branson, Missouri. While I would enjoy this (since it is much closer to me than CA or FL), I couldn't see that ever happening with the weather in Missouri getting so cold as well as the tornadoes that often hit.

    While it is a fun idea, I do not think it would be a very good investment to open a 3rd park in the U.S.
    I remember this. It was going to be an America themed park. Full of patriotic attractions etc. if memory serves.

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    Re: Will there ever be another Disney Park in the US?

    I've wondered before why Disney hasn't built a high quality water park in Arizona? They'd have guaranteed business and could operate for a good portion of the year. At least it's nice to hear the idea was tossed around before the economy tanked.

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    Re: Will there ever be another Disney Park in the US?

    I don't see Disney announcing to build a new a theme park for at least another decade. Anaheim is too crowded and i'm not sure if there is any space for one, whereas Orlando has lots of space - but i'm not sure if I want them to buld a new one there as there are too many theme parks nearby. I don't see a theme park being built any where else in the US for a long long time (or ever). They'd probably explore Brazil and India before then.

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    Re: Will there ever be another Disney Park in the US?

    I'd say there is a near zero chance of Disney building a new park anywhere in the US except in Anaheim, and perhaps Orlando
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