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    Talking Should Disney buy The Smurfs?

    In August 2011, Bob Iger is looking to buy either new characters or businesses that are capable to create great characters and great stories, Due to Success of PIXAR and MARVEL.

    with AVATAR at Disney Parks is the big success, Disney needs more blue person.

    So, the only that perfectly fit for Disney is: The Smurfs.

    So i made my petition to sign it for Disney.

    When Disney failed to buy HiT Entertainment, the only kids entertainment and family friendly is in Belgian

    That's Right, Disney will buy Studio Peyo. securing the TV Rights from Hanna-Barbera, Theme Park Rights from fromer property Cedar Fair and Universal Studios Florida, and Movie Rights from Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation, and sign the contract with Culliford Family and the family will move from Belgian to Burbank, California, and formed STUDIO PEYO- A THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY SUBSIDIARY.

    Here's an Image for all Micechat guests

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    here's some detail:

    * A New Re-imagined Splash Mountain in Disneyland park, Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland (that will open in 2013).
    * a New area of The Smurfs at Disneyland park (opening in 2013, re-theming Critter Country), Disneyland Paris (Opening in 2014), Tokyo Disneyland (Opening in 2013, re-theming Critter Country) and Hong Kong Disneyland (Opening in 2015).
    * A Theatrical Traditional Animation Short Film (similar to The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol) named SMURFTOONS: Everyone Loves Smurfette, premiering July 26, 2013, attached to Phineas and Ferb feature film, produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Walt Disney Animation Studios, with the help of DUCK Studios and Toon Boom Animation, where Clumsy Smurf got a crush on Smurfette and he need help of Papa Smurf, but when Gargamel and Azrael kidnap Smurfette, Clumsy got to save her, also, this is where Clumsy Smurf and Smurfette share their first kiss in the lips; Directed by Gary Rydstrom.
    * SMURFTOONS: Everyone Loves Smurfette will re-release in Disney Digital 3D (similar to The Lion King 3D and Beauty and the Beast 3D) in September 13, 2013, attached to The Little Mermaid 3D. Another unnamed SMURFTOONS short (in 2D and 3D) about Smurfs finding the lost treasure of golden bird, premiering in November 27, 2013, attached to Walt Disney's Frozen.
    * The store named World of Peyo in Downtown Disney (California) and Downtown Disney (Florida) and Disney Village (Paris), in California, This Store will replace the former Island Charters shop. In Florida, This Store will replace the former LittleMissMatched store. In Paris, This Store will replace the former Hurricanes Discotheque.
    * In Summer 2013, Disney California Adventure celebrate the launch of The Smurfs 2 with 2 Nighttime Smurfy Surprise: Smurfs Up! Party and World of Color Smurf Pre-show Segment.
    * The Smurfs movie Merchandise will be selling at Disney California Adventure stores, temporary during Summer 2013, to celebrate the launch of The Smurfs 2.
    * Disney Store selling The Smurfs merchandise.
    * The Smurfs (for Sony Playstation) will be re-release for Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network, Steam,iOS and Android under publishment of Disney Interactive Studios and Developed by 4J Studios; This version will include New Levels never before seen, Screen Restored and HD Graphic, as well as 720p HD visuals, also there will be subtitles (Spanish, French, Japanese and More) in Cutscenes, if someone speak Multilanguage, release in Holiday 2012.
    * Disney Universe to get The Smurfs Costume Pack (Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Clumsy Smurf and Brainy Smurf), release in Holiday 2012.
    * The Smurfs: A Really Blue Adventure is a new TV show of Action, Adventure, Comedy-Drama and Romance (due to Clumsy Smurf and Smurfette's relationship). All the cast from The Smurfs movie will reprise their voice, with a New Casts: Miranda Cosgrove as Smurfette, Jennette McCurdy as a new female Smurf "Wild Smurfette", Madison Pettis as Sassete Smurfling, Rico Rodriguez as Slouchy Smurfling and Scott McCord as Snappy Smurfling. Characters will being designed by Derrick J. Wyatt, Becomes into rival of Cartoon Network's Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. Premiere sometimes in 2013 on Disney XD. This show will be target boys from 6 to 14.
    * The Smurfs (1980's series) reruns will move from Boomerang to Disney Junior: The Channel in USA. In Europe, The Series will begin reruns in Disney Cinemagic. In Latin America, The series will move from Tooncast to Disney Junior. In Mexico, The series will move from Canal 5 to Azteca 7.
    * The Smurfs movie will broadcast in Disney networks: Disney Channel, Disney XD, ABC and Disney Cinemagic. in Disney Junior: The Channel, there's a Animated Smurfs movie, The Smurfs and the Magic Flute, instead.
    * A new Smurfs interactive game, The Smurfs: Lost in New York, located in Disney's Hollywood Studios. based on the 2011 film of the same name, The Smurfs are lost in New York, Guests must help them to escape, by opening a portal in all over the park using a Smurf-unication (cell phone) and finding clues. This game is a mix of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom and Kim Possible: World Showcase Adventures.
    * a new mission in Midship Detective Agency game in Disney Cruise Line (Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream) named Where's Smurfette?, Smurfette has been kidnapped by Someone, Papa Smurf needs help of Mickey Mouse and Guests. use the card into the Enchanted Art to find clue to save Smurfette.
    * Smurf, Smurfette and Papa Smurf Meet N' Greet at Disney Parks
    * Smurf, Smurfette and Papa Smurf appear in a New Parade in 2013.
    * Disney make deal with Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation for The Smurfs 2, sharing 50% of the Box Office for Disney, putting posters and banners in Disney Parks (including banners in AMC Theatersin Downtown Disney), Promotional Partners with Disney California Adventure (as mentioned in up) and World Premiere at El Capitan Theatre.
    * Walt Disney Pictures to buy the right of The Smurfs 3 from Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation.
    * Katy Perry (in Smurfette Dress and Hair) will be in Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade, D23 Expo and Smurfs Up! Party at Disney California Adventure (during 1st week of August 2013)
    Will be similar to Microsoft buy Rare, when Rare partner with Nintendo.

    sign the petition in:

    What did you think my idea?

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    Re: Should Disney buys The Smurfs? (No.)

    Smurfette24, that was an energetic first-ever post! Welcome!

    That said, I hate Smurfs. They've always seemed like less colorful rip-offs of Disney's version of the Seven Dwarfs to me. My daughter likes them though.

    Even if you love the Smurfs, I would urge you to reconsider promoting this idea. Disney could buy them and let them languish.

    Recent Disney, especially under Iger, reminds me of the unpopular 2010-2011 Miami Heat. Magic and Jordan have made the point that they wanted to compete against each other--not be on the same team. Let Disney create new characters like Walt did and as Pixar and Dreamworks Animation have done; don't just buy other already successful properties.

    Your survey is biassed, btw. You have two "cool" options and only one "not so cool" choice. To rectify this, add a 4th "totally uncool" option.

    So my first post on your thread was a thumbs down. Don't be surprised if the next one is from Iger himself exclaiming, "LOVE IT! ! ! !"
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