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    Disney and Universal Studios theme parks in Brazil?

    It seems to me that Brazil has a lot of potential to build a Disney theme park along the lines of Disneyland, Disney World, and similar theme parks, due to its growing economy and population, along with the fact that Disney World in Florida is hugely popular with Brazilians (and they deserve such a park closer to home). In fact, I understand that there have been proposals in the past few years to build just such a park in Brazil - I've read in various articles that it would be either around Curitiba or around Rio de Janeiro. Which of these two areas is right, and what has come out of these proposals?

    On a related note, let's say that Argentina (along with Uruguay) fulfills its economic potential much more than in real life and becomes an advanced country, and that has positive effects on neighbouring countries such as Brazil. If Brazil is somewhat wealthier because of this than in real life (though still a developing country), and millions more are thereby lifted out of poverty than in real life, would that have caused the Disney company to decide on building a theme park in Brazil before thinking about Shanghai or even Hong Kong? In other words, would the Disney company have wanted to open a park in Brazil instead of Shanghai by 2016 or even instead of Hong Kong by 2005, and push off Hong Kong or Shanghai until later? After all, with the parks in Hong Kong and Shanghai, there would be in the near future no less than two parks in Greater China, and three in Asia (and none in Latin America)!

    With the enhanced socio-economic conditions in Brazil as described above, would Universal Studios also have thought of opening up a park in Brazil at the same time as in Dubai, South Korea, or Singapore?

    Having said all of this, any such parks in Brazil would be targeted not just at Brazilians, but also South Americans more generally. This is so, not only because Brazil is the largest country in South America with the biggest population and GDP, but also because Argentines and Uruguayans, I'm sure, would think of Brazil as their "sunshine province" if they were much wealthier than in real life. Namely, Brazil would be a California/Florida/Caribbean/Mexico or Mediterranean or Queensland for them in terms of visiting warm-climate destinations. Having a Disneyland in Brazil would greatly add to these vacation amenities!

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    Re: Disney and Universal Studios theme parks in Brazil?

    lets see Shanghai first
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    Re: Disney and Universal Studios theme parks in Brazil?

    I'd love to see a South American Disneyland. Rio would get my vote by here are plenty of ohr places worldwide for the next Disney resort. After Shanghai I could see Disney looking here or more likely India for their next resort

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    Re: Disney and Universal Studios theme parks in Brazil?

    I can definatley see them building a resort in the future in Brazil, but it would be a long time away.

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    Re: Disney and Universal Studios theme parks in Brazil?

    Yes times 1000....Disney will make at least one new theme park near Disneyland (maybe two but that second one is over 30 years away) and I could even see a 5th park at WDW long as people come they will build more

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