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    Do you basically have to do the Disney College Program to get a job with them?

    I've found it is nearly impossible to get a job at Disney without an internship, and internships are given priority to those who did the DCP.

    I was told by my parents while I was in college that I was not able to leave school for any reason and now I'm worried that I won't ever be able to land a position with Disney because I wasn't able to do the DCP.

    Basically, how much do you believe it will hurt my odds?

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    Re: Do you basically have to do the Disney College Program to get a job with them?

    The problem is that the most basic posistions are filled by CPs. Housekeeping for the hotels is usually not.

    Unless you have a very specific educations or skill, you have to compete with CPs. If you are a skilled carpenter, engineer, HR specialist, pastry chef, performer, you have skills that a CP can't compete with.

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