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    Smile Disney attraction in Vegas?

    I love going to Vegas a lot, theres so much to do, and I was recently thinking that Disney should really put something Disney oriented there. I don't mean a theme park, I mean something like a huge store, or interactive place. It would be nice to have something there other than high end shopping and endless casinos.
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    Re: Disney attraction in Vegas?

    It is my understanding that there was something in the works when Vegas went through its "we're all about family" phase. Now that the "What happens in Vegas" culture is back, Disney will not consider it.

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    Re: Disney attraction in Vegas?

    Sorry but this is a really bad idea. I mean really terrible. Besides it's never going to happen... well probably not. Money talks after all. But so does public opinion. And I think most Disney fans would not want Disney connected to Las Vegas or the gambling industry. Nor does the company since they are fighting casinos in Florida. No keep them separate thank you. You would ruin both if you didn't.

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    Re: Disney attraction in Vegas?

    They have a few Disney Stores in Vegas, including an Outlet. Also, the had an ESPN Zone there and closed it. I know they are contrasting elements of the same company, but there is some reason they decided to close the ESPN Zone out there. Perhaps they don't want to be associated with gambling.

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