Hi, guys.

I am beginning to notice some frayed ends on the Disney Corporate Machine... Particularly in regards to D23, news about the parks, and delays in films. Some of this at the hilt is looking like cost cutting across the board. But it seems odd with all the investment lately, the stall out is the begining of something else. We know that Iger is set to retire and a new CEO will take over and move Disney in new directions. But I am concerned. I am concerned about the lack of vocal Disney family members holding the company to the fire. I am concerned that the drop in guest services that folks are already encountering. Why is it that folks with Premium AP's still have problems attending multiple coasts? Why is D23 Magazine dropping off in service? Why push pause on WDI developement when Disney soon will be looking over their shoulder at Cedar Fair and Comcast to find that they have pulled ahead in regards to park services? Is Frozen a biggining of a new era of animation or is it the last as projects are continued to be kicked down the line like Pixar films in the name of "quality" when it is a thinly veiled quarterly cost cutting measure?

There be squalls ahead