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    S Korea needs a Disneyland

    South Korea needs a Disneyland. They have 50,000,000 people and unsurpassed energy and competitiveness. Samsung could easily finance and own most of it, and I think Koreans would enjoy trying to surpass awesome The Oriental Land Company in Japan. A second gate there could be another version of the World's fair, like Epcot's World Showcase with Brazil, India, Korea, Russia, and ???

    They could have a Star Tours, a Toy Story Midway Mania, a Dumbo, a castle and a Haunted Mansion, but with the exception of Dumbo, make everything different, even things that have the same name as attractions in other parks. Samsung could sink 12 billion into this and make it the most wonderful, privately owned, human-made destination in the history of Earth.

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    Re: S Korea needs a Disneyland

    Here are really nice and appreciable post. I am totally agree with you and would like to say thanks to you that you share this post here with us. I think that there are also needs to entertainment. It is also a good business, I think there is also promote such activities.
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