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    WDFM Updates & Cool Tidbits!

    Hey all! Just updating you on some new info about the museum... and a couple cool tidbits you probably never knew before.

    -The lobby now has several new paintings displayed. These were once placed in Walt and Lilian's home. You'll also find Normal Rockwell sketches of Diane and Sharon as well.

    -Non-flash photography is now allowed in the lobby only.

    -Capacity has been reduced from 60 guests per 15-minute window, to 50. This is likely to handle crowd control better. The museum has been seeing good business and even last Saturday hit 1000 patrons out of 1300 maximum. Spring break crowds have been flowing in as well. A couple of minor changes to Gallery 10a and 10b have been implemented to handle the crowd control better as well.

    -There is a new Peter Pan exhibit in the downstairs theater lobby. It features several paintings and concept art pieces, as well as the film's script, on display.

    Now for a few cool tidbits on Gallery 9's "The Disneyland of Walt's Imagination":

    -There are actually 2 'Hidden Walts' in the display. One is behind Sleeping Beauty's Castle, holding a child's (Diane's) hand. The other is in one of the Autopia cars. For those curious, don't worry, you'd never know these things just by looking at it.

    -The inside of the Haunted Mansion has cat wallpaper in it.

    -Supposedly, a team of 18 people spent about twelve months making this model. Its cost to make is about that of what it cost to build Disneyland back in 1955... just in case anyone else, like myself, ever had dreams of one day buying it. (That's 17 million, by the way.)

    -That team has engraved their initials under the water of the submarine lagoon; it is not visible from above though.

    There are a bunch more facts, and apparently they're dished out to the staff every time they come to do routine maintenance on the model. When the building behind the museum opens in 2011, it will feature rotating exhibits, and one of them will be about this model and how it was developed.

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    Re: WDFM Updates & Cool Tidbits!

    Some new benches have been added to Galleries 7 and 10b to help rest your feet.

    The screening of Peter Pan is great; be sure to check it out!

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