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    New "Contest"... Where in the World is the WDFM?

    Taken from the Family Museum Blog
    STORYBOARD: The Walt Disney Family Museum's Blog - the blog - Where in the World is the*WDFM?

    Over Thanksgiving, our registrar, Anel Muller, traveled with her family to visit her parents in Miami. During this visit, Anel's father, Rene Rodriguez, wore his WDFM logo wear proudly, especially on the family trip to Walt Disney World, where he wore not only his cap but his logo tee-shirt as well. This got us thinking here at Storyboard. We enjoyed Mr. Rodriguez's example so much, that we decided to start a new forum and ask for your participation.
    We kick off the idea with this picture of some of our staff in their WDFM finest near one of the great landmarks of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge.

    Now this is where you, our readers, come in. Do you have WDFM logo wear? Do you wear it proudly? The next time you are donning your logo wear (tee-shirt, sweatshirt, hat, etc), snap a picture of yourself. Going on vacation? Take your logo wear with you and snap a pic of yourself wearing it next to a famous landmark. Either way, email those photos our way ([email protected]) and we will post them here at Storyboard.
    We think it will be great to see fans of the Museum wearing our colors around the country and around the world.

    I figured that of all places... Micechat should have some serious fans out there. It would be fun to see the photos! Tink and I have this place on our "list" but we're not sure when we'll be anywhere near San Fran. Also not really a "kids" place so it looks like an Anniversary trip is in order or something to that effect.
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    Re: New "Contest"... Where in the World is the WDFM?

    Yup, was up there this last Saturday. And I've already sent in a couple of picture of me (in my Musuem ball cap) on a recent Studio Tour.


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