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    Walt Disney Family Museum was great!

    My wife and I were celebrating our Anniversary this week in San Francisco.
    We walked over to the WDFM on Tuesday, and what do you know, Wally world was closed. :-)
    No problem, we found lot's of other things to do like walk the Golden Gate Bridge.

    We went back on Wednesday.
    They have AAA discount, so make sure you bring your valid card.

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    The WDFM is located in the Presidio, and there is a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the back of the Museum.
    The Presidio was once a military complex, that has been re-purposed. The grounds are very nicely manicured and beautiful.
    We walked, but it looked like parking was not a problem, unlike the rest of the city, where parking is a nightmare.

    Photos are allowed, but you can't use flash.
    The first room has a lot of family photos, and memorabilia from Walt's boyhood.
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    There is also a replica of the Jeep from the Ambulance corps.
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    later on there is a room with California Letters, and behind each letter is a TV screen, so some of the letters have cartoons, and some have static displays. It's done very nicely.
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    There is a room that explains the animation process, and an interactive Foley artist exhibit.
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    One of the most impressive rooms had a two foot tall ribbon screen that waved down one wall, across another, and then back up the opposite wall. It had all of these projectors that seamlessly played animations and movie clips. It was really cool.
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    What I really am interested in is Disneyland.
    They did a great job displaying the Lilly Belle, along with a model of the Holmby hills house and track layout.
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    There was a Model of Disneyland, and I thought that it was pretty cool how it had MTTNW, Cascade peak, and the flying saucers. No BTMRR, but it did have a curious looking model of Space Mountain.
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    I liked some details that they had, like on the Skyway model, the buckets in Fantasy-land side were the original round buckets, and the Tomorrow-land side had the newer rectangular shaped buckets.

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    They had a really cool Autopia car that they said special cast members would drive guests around in.

    Yes the end of the Museum is sad, but the last room is a little bit more upbeat.
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    At the end of our tour we had a very nice conversation with Deb, who was working the Coat check room.
    She was very knowledgeable and explained a lot to us.

    If you get the chance to visit The Walt Disney Family Museum.
    It is well worth it.

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    Re: Walt Disney Family Museum was great!

    I love the museum (located in what I think is one of the best cities in the world) and I adore that ribbon screen room. It reminds me of the lobby of DCA's Animation building.
    My top favorite Disneyland attractions:

    1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    2. Pirates of the Caribbean
    3. Splash Mountain
    4. Mad Tea Party
    5. Peter Pan's Flight
    6. Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin

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    Re: Walt Disney Family Museum was great!

    Awesome, thanks for sharing! Can't wait to go myself.
    Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.

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    Re: Walt Disney Family Museum was great!

    I didn't know that they were not open seven days a week. I will have to check when I go.

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    Re: Walt Disney Family Museum was great!

    Quote Originally Posted by gary94080 View Post
    I didn't know that they were not open seven days a week. I will have to check when I go.
    Only closed on Tuesdays.

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    Re: Walt Disney Family Museum was great!

    Nice trip report! I love that museum, and have never managed to spend "enough" time there...
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