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    How far from the airport?

    I am going to be in San Diego in November, and have a day free however the next day is not free so I can't spend the night in San Francisco.

    I have 2 questions:

    How far from the airport is the museum and is it feasible to do flying in and out of San Francisco same day?

    I'd be arriving at 9am, and departing in the 5pm/6pm time frame.

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    Re: How far from the airport?

    The museum is about 30 minutes away, opposite end of the city basically - my concern/word of advice would be you will feel rushed as there is a lot to read and see at the WDFM, if getting there say at 11 and leaving at 3/4. Many rooms to cover, a ton of videos going, tons of information and artifacts - it is very 'dense' in a good way and you might leave feeling unsatisfied or feeling you had to rush through or skip over exhibits. It is definitely worth going but that is what I foresee potentially happening - even if I stay till closing when visit, I feel like I've had to skip whole segments or areas inevitably.
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