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  • 2 Stars - Should have waited for Blu Ray

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  • 1 Star - Star Wars Episode II was better

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    Re: 'John Carter' 3/9/2012 (MiceChat Reviews!!!)

    just watched JC on the plane home today... thought it was just average and really not compelling in anyway.
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    Re: 'John Carter' 3/9/2012 (MiceChat Reviews!!!)

    'John Carter' tops both charts for DVD sales and Blu-ray sales.
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    Re: 'John Carter' 3/9/2012 (MiceChat Reviews!!!)

    Quote Originally Posted by ALIASd View Post
    'John Carter' tops both charts for DVD sales and Blu-ray sales.

    Not such a flop now, is it Disney?

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    Re: 'John Carter' 3/9/2012 (MiceChat Reviews!!!)

    Just saw the premotion for Superman here it is a year out and they are promoting it like it comes OUT NEXT WEEK. I can't help but wonder if they promoted John Carter like Superman is being promted is the movie would not have done a lot better. I liked the movie and think they should have actually kept the original title but otherwise I liked it.

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