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Thread: Tangled Logic<3

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    Tangled Logic<3

    Wellllllll. I'm a Tangled freak. I am currently watching it for the 109th time. (no exaggerations) I love the movie and I have not met anyone who hasn't. Soooooo after watching the movie quite a few times I have often wondered into the deeper side of the movie.... So my first question......

    If Mother Gothel cut Rapunzels hair when she was a baby, and then when she is older she still has that very short piece of hair, does that mean that once her hair is cut and turns brown it will not grow? I thought about it and figured that Mother Gothel would not want any type of sharp object even NEAR Rapunzels hair and so the answer would be yes it stops growing after its cut and you notice in Tangled Ever After that its the same length.....soooooo your thoughts?


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    Re: Tangled Logic<3

    It seems that way, huh.

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    I sure hope so, I like the short brown hair.

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