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    Brad Bird goes '1952' for new Disney film

    Brad Bird is set direct '1952', a new script co-written by former LOST co-creator and producer Damon Lindelof for Disney. Details of the top-secret story are unknown but have supposed aspirations for an epic tentpole opportunity for the studio.

    Bird is hot off the worldwide success of 'Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol', the biggest moneymaker of that franchise at nearly $700 million, his transition to live-action film from his animated features, 'The Iron Giant' and Oscar-winners 'The Incredibles' and 'Ratatouille.'
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    Re: Brad Bird goes '1952' for new Disney film

    My guess it is connected with nuclear and ufos. Not to be confused with Brad Bird's other film 1906, which is based on the book/real life disaster the 1906 San francisco earthquake.

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    Re: Brad Bird goes '1952' for new Disney film

    I heard what it was supposed to be about on a podcast a few weeks ago. I remember neither the name of the podcast nor what the movie was about. I do remember thinking it sounds very interesting, though.

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