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    Lightbulb Movie Pitch- Mickey Mouse/Roger Rabbit 2

    I was thinking that Mickey Mouse needed to return to the big screen and be a little more edgey than he is portrayed in the clubhouse series so that he could gain a little more popularity with older demograhpics (imho). At the same time, I alwasy wanted to see something more done with Roger Rabbit, which i loved for featuring cameos and blending animation and live action. This movie isnt as adult oriented and "dark" as WFRR, it takes place in a lighter and friendlier environment.

    I havent got the story nailed down yet, but so far it involves mickey being erased from peoples memories and the world acting like he never existed. The Phantom Blot would have been behind this by traveling to burbank and stealing some of the early concepts of mickey mouse and rearraging some of the stories he's been in. When know one recognizes Mickey anymore, he goes to Detective Roger Rabbit and they search for clues in the real world, toon town, and some other neat environments that change the animation style (cgi, black and white, anime, etc)

    I'd like to know what you hink of this plot and if you have any ideas and/or critisisms

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    Re: Movie Pitch- Mickey Mouse/Roger Rabbit 2

    Sounds like an interesting idea. I'm all for a more adult image for Mickey Mouse, and its about time Roger Rabbit made a comeback. It would be difficult to have other studios agree to lend over they're characters for the film. In the different animation environments we could see different characters. For example; Anime we could see some of Hayao Miazaki's characters make an appearence. In CGI, PIXAR characters would be a no brainer. I'd also like to see Eddie Valient make an appearence. So far, it sounds like an excellent idea. Keep it up.

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