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    Treasure Planet and Home on the Range... not in stores?

    Hello Everyone

    I've been searching for these new blu ray titles and seem to can't find them anywhere. They aren't in the usual Wal Mart, Target and Best Buy. Does anyone know if these titles are sold in stores or do you have to buy only online?

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    Re: Treasure Planet and Home on the Range... not in stores?

    I'm seeing that they're mostly available online, too. Try Fry's Electronics, though. They appear to be carrying TP in their stores, at least. Plus, the Disney Store has both, of course.

    There's no block on selling them in stores, but it's likely the low demand for these titles just don't warrant shelf space in the opinions of retail buyers. There's so many titles that come out, and knowing what to stock and what not to stock can be a real crapshoot sometimes.
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