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    Re: Oz - The Great and Powerful (2013) Chat and Reviews (Merged)

    Borrowed a copy from a friend, glad that's the level of financial support I'm offering for it.

    I did not enjoy the movie. About ten minutes in I started yelling at the screen level not enjoy.

    My issues (YMMV):

    1) James Franco. His "Oz" never seemed a part of any of the worlds he was set in. His mannerisms, accent, mode of speech all were part of a very modern character. I never once believed he was anything other than an actor who was - very visibly - happy to be there.

    2) CGI. I found far too many moments where I was more involved in how little on the screen actually existed, and comparing it unfavorably with Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. How often the actors were not *quite* watching or interacting with the CGI characters. How frequently the lighting would be flat when characters were walking in bright sunshine, or the shadows would be sharp and offset (and rather amorphous) when in indirect lighting - all stuff that should have been solved a decade ago. Very frequently I found myself intensely aware that I was watching an actor or two performing on a soundstage with no actual set to work off of.

    3) Women in the movie. Or, the real lack of them as characters. Sorry, just the way it looked to me.

    4) Predictability. Not just in the "we know where this is going" sort of way. How many ways can you repeatedly stress "that poor girl" before you are forced to accept that "that poor girl" is going to become a major player in a bad way? It wasn't foreshadowed, it was printed on the side of a six mile long zeppelin and flown through the screen.

    leading to...

    5) Enough with the 1950's style "we did this just for 3D!" crap. I expected it out of Roger Corman, not Walt Disney. SO many shots were blatantly put in just for that 3D zinger. It was beyond distracting.

    If you legitimately enjoyed the movie, more power to you - you saw something that I could not.
    Woo! Spring is coming!

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    Re: Oz - The Great and Powerful (2013) Chat and Reviews (Merged)

    While the live-action Disney movie is getting more attention at the moment due to its imminent release, Dorothy of Oz may end up being the larger money maker.

    The producers put together a cast that includes Glee star Lea Michele as Dorothy, Dan Aykroyd as the Scarecrow, Kelsey Grammer as the Tin Man and Jim Belushi as the Lion.
    Paying actors to voice an animated character is cheaper and more time efficient than paying them to stand in front of a camera. But apart from having a production budget that is one fourth the size of Oz the Great and Powerful—and thus a much lower threshold for profitability—Dorothy of Oz could easily end up out-grossing its live-action rival.
    To throw out a few examples you might recognize, the Shrek franchise has taken in more than $3.5 billion, the Ice Age franchise $2.8 billion and the Toy Story and Madagascar franchises $1.9 billion each.

    To put this in perspective, the entire Star Wars franchise, spanning six major movies over 35 years, has grossed only $4.3 billion. The James Bond franchise, which has spanned 23 films over 50 years and six actors playing the starring role, has grossed $6.1 billion.
    For example, Disney’s Cars grossed $462 million at the box office. But five years after the 2006 release it had generated $8 billion in retail merchandise sales—17 times the amount it earned in ticket sales—and this was before interest in the franchise was rekindled by the sequel, Cars 2. New merchandise sales put the total well in excess of $10 billion and counting.
    Investing In Oz - Forbes

    Just to give a little perspective between the popularity of "CARS" and the popularity of "OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL".

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