Posted this over on the UD (DVDizzy forum) but thought I'd post it here as well for discussion...

This has been bugging me for awhile and thought I'd start a discussion on it.

Why isn't Disney consistent with their Digital Copies?
For example, with the most recent Blu-Ray Combo releases:
The Muppet Christmas Carol did get a Digital Copy.
Prep and Landing Totally Tinsel Collection did not get a Digital Copy.

Another interesting observation with 3D releases...
Bolt 3D did get a Digital Copy, but Chicken Little 3D and Meet the Robinsons 3D did not.

So, why isn't Disney consistent with their Digital Copy releases?

At first I didn't really care about Digital Copies, but then I thought what the heck, since I'm paying for them I'll download/transfer them. I picked up an external harddrive at Costco and have been putting them on there. Have a nice collection of over 100 movies now from all my various Disney and non-Disney Blu-Ray combos.