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    Lightbulb Disney Young Simba The Mighty Cub by Brian

    Disney Young Simba The Mighty Cub Journey to California - World Preview

    Hey Everyone, It's not coming out until 2039.
    I have produced a Walt Disney Animation Studios inspired preview of a future dream of me. My goal is to create a new adventure about Simba and his friends traveling to a new destination where they have never been before. Simba, and his new best pal Brian (Pinocchio), will be leading others to Los Angeles in 2004. This will be a great movie for all ages like Disney Oz the Powerful Wizard and Finding Nemo. Keep calm and enjoy watch a trailer.

    Based on Disney Animal Friends inspired.

    Young Simba as himself
    Oliver as himself
    Pinocchio and Christopher Robin as Brian
    Geppetto as Brian's father
    Max as Daniel (Brian's brother)
    Gloomy as Bob the Clown (the villain)
    Kaa as himself
    Ricky is a blue lobster who was a minor character from The Little Mermaid as himself
    J. Thaddeus Toad as himself
    Koda as himself
    Tod as himself
    Simba's families as themselves
    The sun ray through the clouds as Zeus
    Rafiki as himself

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