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    Favorite movie promotion memories

    Hey everyone! All this discussion about the closure of the 2D animation division got me thinking about the marketing that was used when I was a kid. Late Spring/early Summer of 1994 Disney teamed up with Nestle Crunch to release a series of candy bars that were stamped with four or five different scenes from The Lion King. I remember the excitement of unwrapping a bar and seeing a new scene. It just fueled my excitement for the films' actual release.

    My question to you is, what is your favorite Disney movie promotion memory? If it was a non-edible item, do you still have it?

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    Re: Favorite movie promotion memories

    It was fun to see some of the ways Stitch invaded other Disney animated movies. He also took over the iconic dwarves building at the walt disney studios. AOne of my favorites was seeing Stitch on the side of one of the taller buildings in the hollywood area. I also have photo the large inflatable Stitch that was at the DLR annd I am just under his foot. I also have to mention seeing the Haunted Mansion Movie, at the El Capitan Theater, not that the movie was any good (except for the costumes, make up, and special effects). But that after the movie they had a huge tent set up behind the theater, which was filled witbh photo opps and other enertainment sets, costumes,=-O

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