Usually The El Capitan Theater in Hollywood showcases Disney's latest and greatest movies, often with a mini show, movie props display, or even a special event tent set up behind the theater. Personally, I often plan a trip to the El Capitan Theatre along with my Disneyland trips, and was anticipating the El Capitan would at least have some movie props and costumes on display, however, according to the current El Capitan schedule, this high budgeted movie, starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer, The Lone Ranger, is COMPLETELY missing from the El Capitan Schedule!

The current schedule shows Iron Man 3 from May 3 through June 19.
Monsters University shows from June 21 through August 8. - no other movies showing on the schedule, yet.

The Lone Ranger Ranger is set to open on July 3, in time for the Independence Day holiday. MiceChat has even mentioned that for the June movie Premiere, DCA's Hyperion Theater is being considered. The exact date of the premiere and time still have not been officially announced, although the Premiere may possibly be June 24th. Again, the exact date and time have not yet been announced.

With this HUGE Disney movie, WHY would Disney's El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood NOT SHOW "The Lone Ranger?"

And Why is Disney so slow at announcing plans for the DCA Premiere, IF that is where the Premiere will be? Certainly, they would NEED to have a Date set ASAP, so the stars of the movie can make arrangements to attend the Premiere.

Something just seems to be amiss with El Capitan not showing this movie, and with delays in the plans for the movie premiere , location and date.

Just wondering why the delay in setting this up, and why they are missing shows in the El Capitan Theater. Seems things are not being coordinated very well, somewhere behinnd the scenes.