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    New 2D Disney-Styled Animation Clip-See It Now!

    For every Disney classic, hand-drawn 2D fan, here is the story you've been waiting for. One Midwest businessman/artist,Tom Hignite, has been championing the return to Disney's 2D roots. He has hired some of Disney's old animation crew, a nd is attempting to re-create. The old charm in a whole new feature film staring the voice talents of Ernest Borgnine(in his last acting role before he died last year),and Jane Lynch! See the front page story and 6:38 minute video of some of the artists at work, as well as a brand new 2:45 clip from the film. This movie is still a long way off from completion, but it is looking good. See it now on a website named Animation Nation. also read the director's comments on that site's general forum under "Is Disney 2D Feature Animation Dead Again?

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    Re: New 2D Disney-Styled Animation Clip-See It Now!

    Where's the clip?

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    Re: New 2D Disney-Styled Animation Clip-See It Now!

    Quote Originally Posted by LordVader View Post
    Where's the clip?
    No Service | Mickey Mouse and Friends | Disney Video

    More than a clip, here's a link to one of 2 released cartoons. There will be 19 in all.

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    Re: New 2D Disney-Styled Animation Clip-See It Now!

    Let's make it clear that Disney 2D animation department is not dead. That was a rumor that quickly spread after some layoffs that occurred in Animation a few months back. 2D is not dead and there are 2D animation project currently in the works at WDAS, particularly hybrid films following the technology developed for Paperman.

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